Sagarmatha Secondary Boarding School Biratnagar-11, Panchali, Ph: 021-470558/471885/472756

About Us

SSBS was established in 2053 B.S. SSBS is a modern and dynamic educational institution imparting quality education in an affordable and conducive environment. SSBS enables students to achieve excellence in all walks of life to cope with the changes and challenges of 21st century.

SSBS is recognized as one of the topmost private schools of the nation which is founded with the mission to impart quality education to the students and serve the nation providing skilled manpower for its overall development. Presently, this school is serving with effective education to around 1600 students of different places and has created glorious history enlisting its name in the first position among all the private schools of Nepal continuously for three times in 2063, 2064 and 2065 respectively.

sagarmatha boarding school biratnagar

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